Feb 21, 2018

E-Note from Rev. Larry Patton, Senior Pastor
“80% prayer and attitude” said the cardiologist when asked by the hospitalized patient (a member of my congregation) about the prospects of recovery.  I was in the room to hear it:  “What I do is about 20%” said the heart doctor.  A true scientific picture?  Certainly not.  Spoken by a noted physician with decades of experience?  Certainly yes.  How true that saying is across the landscape of life on every level:  “80% prayer and attitude.”  So essential:  Whether through personal and professional successes or through the worst of life’s worst (like school shootings).  Prayer and attitude is what always makes Christian folk the best “Solution People” there are on this planet. 

During our Lent journey leading up to Easter Sunday, our worship and messages will center on the greatest prayer ever uttered, translated, memorized, or published:  The so-called Lord’s Prayer.  No greater prayer on earth.  What can we learn from Jesus’ prayer and attitude, line-by-line?  Only a whole lot–for strengthening our own prayer lives and winning attitudes and approaches.  This coming Sunday is Line 2:  “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  What specifically does this mean, and how does it impact our lives personally (and for the far better) when we pray regularly this famous line?


2018 Lenten Project: Adopt-A-Verse sign-up boards in the Sanctuary, outside the Covenant class and in the Fellowship Hall. Help provide the Arbore people from Ethiopia a Bible in their own language! $25 per verse.