Called to Serve
Carrollton First United Methodist Church recognizes the call of Christ to “go into all the world” (Matthew 28:19 for ministry. We agree with John Wesley that the “world is our parish.” We are actively involved in many missions that teach, preach, heal, train, house, and feed people. Our involvement helps to enable those in need to help themselves with dignity. 
Our team in action!

In early February 2017, the CFUMC Early Response Team traveled to Albany, GA to aid in the clean-up after several tornadoes hit the area. The team was on-site for a 4 days. A total of 10 volunteers participated, some for the entire period and some for the time they were available. The team worked under the direction of Operation Blessing, a highly regarded national organization in the response field.  Operation Blessing travels throughout the United States helping victims recover from devastation. The tornado in Albany was one of the worst in history to hit the area, rated as E.F. 5, over 3/4 mile wide, and traveled 50-60 miles in distance. The duties of the Early Response Team included debris removal, chain saw work, roof tarping, chain link removal, and damaged out building removal.  It was truly a group effort and their work was well-appreciated. As team leader Rusty Lambert commented, “Our reward was in the eyes of those we helped.”



In addition, on March 28th 2018, the CFUMC Early Response Team sent a team of five to Jacksonville, AL to aid in the clean-up of tornado’s that swept through the area. The main duties of the team were chain saw work and debris removal. This was a one-day effort, but well worth the team’s time to make the journey. The North Alabama Conference was very happy to receive the assistance.