Coming in August, 2018

The Music Department at Carrollton First United Methodist Church is a thriving and very active ministry area in the life of our church.   The music program offers ensembles for all ages both in choral music and instrumental.  While at CFUMC there are opportunities for all skill levels from non-readers to advanced singing and playing, as well as all desired levels of commitment.

Vocal Ensembles

The Chancel Choir

Welcoming all singers both hesitant and experienced ages 7th grade through age 101. The Chancel Choir rehearses each Wednesday evening from 7:30-9:00pm in the choir room and sings each Sunday morning during our 11:00am traditional service. 



Adoration is a smaller ensemble of singers who enjoy a faster pace and more challenging music.  The ensemble is open to all singers although reading music is recommended.  Adoration rehearses each Wednesday evening at 6:30 in the Sanctuary and performs each 4th Sunday of the month during our 9:00am traditional service.   We also send Adoration to additional performances in our community as well as the Metro Atlanta area. 


The Men’s Ensemble  

This choral ensemble is offered to all male singers both readers and non-readers.    The Men’s Ensemble enjoys singing music of all styles while pausing weekly for extended laughter. This group of gentlemen also known as the “Blue-Man Group” for their traditional blue shirts rehearses each Sunday evening at 6:00pm and performs each 2nd Sunday of the month during our 9:00am traditional service.  



Celebration is a vocal performance ensemble for the ladies. Open to all ages and abilities Celebration enjoys a laid-back rehearsal style full of laughter as well as quality choral music training.    This women’s ensemble rehearses each Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm and performs each 3rd Sunday of the month during our 9:00am traditional service.  



“The-No-Tones,” also known as “TNT” is a choir and music class for NON-singers, and NON-music readers. This humorous class is just the place for those who enjoy music and singing but have absolutely no idea how it works.  If you have any working knowledge of music, this is the place for you as this EXPLOSIVE musical environment takes music and singing to the VERY beginning. The-No-Tones perform at the end of each season to show the congregation what we have learned! Rehearsal time TBD.


Staff Infection

Staff Infection is a performing ensemble made up of all staff members. In order to qualify for this group of singers and instrumentalists, you have to have received a W-2 from Carrollton First UMC. Staff Infection rehearses the morning of each performance and shares our music every 5th Sunday of the month during the calendar year in both 9:00 and 11:00 traditional services.  Staff Infection also performs during special occasions and family suppers held in our fellowship hall.  


The Carrolltones

This very entertaining Gospel ensemble rehearses each Wednesday at 1:00pm and specializes in Southern -Gospel singing.   The Carrolltones perform monthly during our 9:00 and 11:00am traditional worship services. Membership in The “Tones” is available by appointment only as space is limited. For more information on the Carrolltones, please email Scott Keesey at








Age Specific Groups 

Youth Choir

Our Growing youth choir began 3 years ago with only 5 singers and now boasts over 20. This vocal ensemble welcomes all youth grades 5th grade through 12th
grade as they rehearse each Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm in the Solid Rock Youth Building. The Youth Choir performs throughout our church year during all of our various worship services.


Graded Children’s Choirs

The Children’s Choirs, open to all children ages 3 through 4thgrade, perform throughout our church year in all of our various worship services. These energetic young singers rehearse on Wednesday evenings between 5:00pm and 6:30pm as part of our Night Light children’s programming. The three graded children’s choirs combine during special performances throughout the church year. 
Instrumental and Special Groups


 – led by Jack Barr,  Music Associate
This very talented praise band has led our 11:00am Contemporary services for over 20 years.  Made up of electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards,  percussion and horns,  Crosswalk specializes in contemporary worship music both amplified and unplugged with tightly woven vocal harmonies.  Membership in Crosswalk is by appointment only by emailing Jack at:


The Carroll Ringers

This lively ensemble of English Handbell Ringers meets every Monday evening at 6:30pm.  Rehearsing on the 3rd floor music suite the Carroll Ringers perform throughout the church year during our 9:00 and 11:00am traditional services as well as special evening worship services.   Because table space is limited membership is by appointment only.   Interested ringers should email Leslie at:


Youth Praise Band 

This praise band previously met with our youth choir now has an identity of it’s own.  The Youth praise band leads worship for our youth periodically during youth meetings as well as performing during our various worship services throughout the church year. Due to space and instrumentation, membership is open by appointment only.  Those interested youth instrumentalists should contact Scott Keesey




CFUMC Orchestra

–  Directed by Derek Able, Music Associate, and Scott Keesey, Director of Music


This ensemble will perform for the first time on November 5th this year during our 9:00am and 11:00am traditional worship services. The orchestra is offered to anyone from 6th grade through age 101,  who either plays or has played a musical instrument. For those who haven’t played in 40 years, you too, are welcome. This instrumental ensemble will meet each player at his or her ability with or without an instrument. Those needing an instrument should contact Scott Keesey at:
Rehearsal dates TBD.